Athletic Apparel

At 7 Sports we offer a great selection of athletic apparel for many different schools and occasions. We can take letter jacket orders for student athletes, and we have custom apparel to make the fans look good, too! Custom embroidery hats, and school t-shirts can all be done through us at 7 Sports. We also can special order many different items to fit your individual needs.

Letter Jackets
7 Sports can be your source for letter jackets for student athletes. We stock plain sample letter jackets in a variety of different colors to suit a number of schools. Just bring in any letters, numerals, and patches you may have received from your school, and we do the rest! Also available are custom, sport-specific patches and designs, so feel free to ask what we can do for you. Again, our prices have consistently matched up well with our competitors, and we are proud to be able to offer this product and service to high school student athletes.

We have jackets for all local schools! Come in and make your special!

We have jackets for all local schools! Come in and make yours special!